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  • Lessons from a Captor

    Lessons from a Captor
    The flow of foreign jihadists into Syria has become a worrying problem. Over a year ago, the rate at which they were entering the country had surpassed that witnessed during the Afghanistan conf...


  • Editorial: Algeria’s Tragicomedy

    Editorial: Algeria’s Tragicomedy
    As presidential elections on April 17 draw nearer, Algerians are both protesting and joking about three-term President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s decision to run for an unprecedented fourth te...

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  • New War, Old Faces

    New War, Old Faces
    Despite the pre-war strength—on paper—of the Syrian armed forces, the fighting in Syria has stretched the limits of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s military resources. Now in its fo...
Mona Alami
Written by :
on : Thursday, 24 Jul, 2014

Business as Usual in Lebanon

Writer Michael Karam vacations every summer in his mountain house. He sits in his garden overlooking the verdant Bekfaya region typing his latest commentary on Lebanese politics and economic issues. But for creative people such as Karam, filing an article—which involves just a simple “click” in most countries—is no mean feat. His work is hindered by electricity cuts, his reliance on an unpredictable generator and an excruciatingly slow Internet connection. While Lebanon’s c...

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Thomas W. Lippman
Written by :
on : Wednesday, 23 Jul, 2014

Entering the Private Sector, But Where?

The most intriguing news stories to come out of Saudi Arabia in the past few weeks had nothing to do with oil or with any of the conflicts in the countries surrounding the Kingdom. They concerned two little-noticed developments that showed how far Saudi Arabia has come in its efforts to build an industrialized, private-sector economy outside the oil industry, and how far it still has to go to achieve that goal. First came an announcement from the US Department of Commerce that it would impose...

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Mehmet Solmaz
Written by :
on : Monday, 21 Jul, 2014

Turkey’s President: New and Improved?

The presidential elections on August 10 will be a crucial turning point in the history of Turkish democracy, as it marks the first time the president of the Republic will be direct...

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Peter Salisbury
Written by :
on : Sunday, 20 Jul, 2014

The Houthis’ Next Move

Fighting in Yemen between the Houthis, a Zaydi Shi'a rebel group, and tribal and Sunni Islamist militias has come within miles of Sana'a in recent weeks, sparking fears that th...

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Tafline Laylin
Written by :
on : Friday, 18 Jul, 2014

A Hunger for Solutions

Food security has become a hot topic in the Middle East, and with good reason: the states of the region face a terrible mixture of economic, environmental and political obstacl...

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Alex Vatanka
Written by :
on : Friday, 18 Jul, 2014

Another Headache for Tehran

The collapse of Baghdad’s authority in northern and western Iraq, together with the occupation of Kirkuk by Peshmerga fighters, has shortened the odds of Iraqi Kurdistan decl...

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Caryle Murphy
Written by :
on : Wednesday, 16 Jul, 2014

Fighting the Fires of Extremism

Some British media reports recently asserted that Saudi Arabia was funding the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has declared a caliphate in the territory it holds ...

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Barçin Yinanç
Written by :
on : Monday, 14 Jul, 2014

Erdoğan vs. the Central Bank

The victory of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) in three consecutive elections is usually attributed to the country’s impressive economic growth over the past decad...

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Sara Khorshid
Written by :
on : Sunday, 13 Jul, 2014

Match Made in Cairo

Three women huddle around the couple. Two of the women are likely to be their mothers; the third in this decisive meeting is the matchmaker, the middle-woman or the khatba. She...

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David Patrikarakos
Written by :
on : Friday, 11 Jul, 2014

Tehran Wades into Iraq’s Crisis

Qassem Suleimani was only a young soldier in the Iran–Iraq War when he led Iranian troops through Iraqi minefields, stealing the odd goat along the way, and earning the ...

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