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Haley Cook and Jason Pack
on : Friday, 4 Apr, 2014

Rebels at the Porthole

Three years ago, the term “rebel,” when used by the Western media in reference to Libya, conjured up images of unlikely young fighters who took up arms for the first time against an unjust regime, guided by a hatred of tyranny, a desire for personal freedoms, and the memory of anticolonial hero Omar Mukhtar, whose image adorned rebel banners. Now, in 2014, other groups have come forward to challenge the current interim government and debate the legitimacy of Libya’s current political t...

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Arash Karami
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on : Thursday, 13 Mar, 2014

Iran’s Fourth Estate

The state of the Iranian media can serve as a bellwether for understanding where the country is headed. In the past, the restrictions under which Iranian journalists had to operate fluctuated as the political fortunes of conservatives and reformists shifted. When reformist president Mohammad Khatami entered office in 1997 with a promise of “dialogue of civilizations,” journalists inside the country took advantage of the less restrictive environment to address new and controversial to...

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Judith Yaphe
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on : Thursday, 6 Feb, 2014

Maliki’s Last Stand?

Iraq is only months away from its quadrennial national election for its Council of Representatives, scheduled for April 30. As in most countries with relatively open elections,...

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Curtis Ohlers
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on : Thursday, 19 Dec, 2013

Iraq’s Insurgency Reinvigorated

On November 27, suicide bombers and gunmen attacked police stations in Ramadi, Iraq, killing at least seven people and leaving more than twenty wounded. On the same day in the Sun...

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David Schenker
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on : Thursday, 21 Nov, 2013

Qaradawi’s War for Egypt

The 2011 toppling of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak signaled the onset of a prolonged period of political instability and economic uncertainty in Egypt. When Muslim Brotherho...

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Laurence Louër
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on : Tuesday, 5 Nov, 2013

The Myth of the Shi’a Crescent

The notion of “Shi’a crescent” was first articulated in late 2004 by King Abdullah of Jordan in an interview he gave a few weeks before the first parliamentary elections in I...

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Hussein Ibish
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on : Thursday, 17 Oct, 2013

Axes of Fable

The decade following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States produced two defining mythologies in American and Arab political culture: the “axis of evi...

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Jason Pack and Haley Cook
on : Thursday, 3 Oct, 2013

Beyond Tripoli’s Grasp

More than a year after successful post-conflict elections in Libya, the country’s political scene and economy are more unstable than ever. The central government is weak and ...

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Jacqueline Shoen
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on : Monday, 9 Sep, 2013

A House Divided

For a while, reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas resembled peace talks between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization: a perpetual re-enactment of similar sc...

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Raphaël Lefèvre
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on : Monday, 19 Aug, 2013

The Brotherhood Starts Anew in Syria

While the Egyptian Brotherhood makes global headlines and Tunisia's Ennahda Party struggles to remain in power, very little is publicly known about the state of Syria’s Muslim Br...

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