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Jason Pack and Haley Cook
on : Tuesday, 31 Dec, 2013

Libya’s Happy New Year?

While part of the world celebrated Christmas Eve, Libya marked its sixty-second birthday; the country gained its independence from British and French military administration and the unification of its three constituent provinces on December 24, 1951. The national holiday should have been a cause for joy, as Libyans post-Gaddafi are now free to express themselves and participate in their own governance. But the anniversary was also fraught with peril, as most observers agree that the country’s ...

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Clarissa Pharr
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on : Saturday, 28 Dec, 2013

Unwitting Ambassadors

Recently, while attending a conference in New York focused on art and social change, an Egyptian artist remarked: "We have to make art about Tahrir, or the revolution, to get noticed." This was offered up as a joke, and drew knowing laughter from the audience in attendance—but some of those among the crowd could detect a subtle, yet sobering, edge. “How many more projects do we need to see with titles like ‘Voices of the Arab Youth?’” asked yet another artist in attendance. Up...

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Alex Edwards
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on : Saturday, 27 Jul, 2013

Iran Behind the Headlines

Iran is a country that, in many ways, proves the old saying that “no news is good news.” When the country does appear in the world’s media, it is invariably a story about h...

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Elizabeth Iskander Monier
on : Tuesday, 9 Jul, 2013

A Conflict of Definitions

There are rising levels of frustration among Egyptians who supported the removal of Mursi from power over what they see as biased statements from “Western” media and leader...

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Stephen Glain
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on : Monday, 8 Jul, 2013

Liberal Islam’s Poster Boy

Kamal Al-Helbawy, until recently one of the oldest members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, has spent most of his life on the perimeters of power. Coming of age in Cairo when Egypt...

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Fa'iq Munif
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on : Tuesday, 2 Jul, 2013

Lessons Learned in Egypt

Sometimes scenarios repeat themselves, with the same details and mistakes, but under a new name and with new terminology. The events of June 30 2013 in Egypt, and their tragic cons...

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Alessandra Bajec
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on : Sunday, 23 Jun, 2013

Street, Camera, Action

It was during the January 2011 uprising that street photographer Mohamed Elsayyed realized how important a newsworthy image is in conveying the truth. He was a novice when he f...

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James Denselow
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on : Friday, 14 Jun, 2013

Memories of Spring

In assembling Writing Revolution, journalist Matthew Cassel and the Heinrich Boll Foundation’s Layla Al-Zubaidi embarked on the ambitious task of compressing the huge transfo...

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Ahmed Kadry
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on : Sunday, 19 May, 2013

Choose Your Words Wisely

Actor Waleed Hammad dressed up as a woman and walked Egypt’s streets for an investigative television report into what it feels like to be sexually harassed. The program aired...

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Fady Salah
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on : Sunday, 28 Apr, 2013

Revolutionary Road

Haram Street, the Cairene boulevard famed for its late-night entertainment and tourist traps, was most recently used as the title of a film that broke records at the Egyptian...

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